Advanced PC Cleanup is an application designed to clean the system of computers and laptops, delete residual files and documents, cache applications and browsers. The application performs a deep scan of the system to find errors or failures in it. Later, the utility provides the user with a report so that he can decide what to do with the problems. You can download the official version of Advanced PC Cleanup for Windows for free using the links on our website.


This software product can be easily downloaded and installed on a computer or laptop with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, 32/64- bit.

Features of Advanced PC Cleanup for Windows

Computer Memory Cleanup:

  • Instant memory cleanup in one move. After a quick scan of the system, the application provides the user with a summary of all unnecessary and unimportant documents that can be deleted without harm to the system, but on the contrary, to clean it up. The notification also shows the amount of space that will be released.
  • Clearing the cache. The application is able to quickly and without any problems detect the cache of all applications of the device and delete it, without losing important data.
  • The software is capable of deleting temporary files. When you use a computer, certain files appear on it, taking up space in the device's memory, but at the same time meaning nothing. The cleaner finds all these documents and deletes them, clearing the place.
  • Deleting documents from the trash. The cleaner can easily erase all the trash data in order to free up more space on the device.
  • Clearing the registry. After a deep scan of the system, the application removes unnecessary registry entries and optimizes the operation of the device.

File Manager:

  • The cleaner controls the launch of applications while the computer is turned on. The utility keeps track of which applications and for what are launched during the start of the computer or laptop. You can use it to limit unwanted program activity.
  • Extended memory cleanup. This feature allows users to see all rarely used applications and documents, as well as delete them if they are of no value to a person. This is a great option to increase free space.
  • Delete old documents? Easy. The utility finds and deletes all residual boot files, forgotten folders, etc.

Implementation of security:

  • Protection of the PC and its data. Advanced PC Cleanup protects the device from fraudsters, cyber thieves, viruses, malware and adware. In addition to removing all malware, the utility also provides high-quality protection of computer data.
  • The application monitors your personal information on the Internet and prevents its theft. Advanced PC Cleanup can easily remove your personal information from websites on the Internet.


The multifunctional Advanced PC Cleanup program will help you not only improve and optimize the operation of your device, but also increase its performance and clean up memory space.