The main function of Audacity is sound recording, the utility is capable of recording audio from a microphone, an external player, even old records or cassettes. The program has a built-in feature whereby the recording starts when there is sound and ends when there is no sound. The application then saves them in the desired format. Follow the link on this page to download the free, official version of Audacity for Mac OS.

The app is suitable for Mac OS version 10.7 and later.


  • works with known audio formats;
  • records multiple channels at once; 
  • converts to WAV, AIFF, AU and FLAC;
  • microphone recording ;
  • fourier algorithm;
  • audio enhancement, high speed file processing;
  • add sound effects;
  • plugin download.

How to download Audacity for Mac 

To download Audacity on Mac OS, follow the link, open the installation file and wait for the program to install on your mobile device. Then open the program and start the call

Audacity has a feature to customize the utility to the user's liking.