Security issues worry every user of the Internet space. Modern mobile devices contain too much sensitive information about their owners. From photos to bank card numbers. Leakage of such important files should not be allowed. Consider installing a special service that will protect information from spyware, adware and hacker attacks. This is perfectly handled by the VPN application. Use the link on this page and download the official version of Touch VPN for iOS free.

Service VPN redirects all user traffic through a remote server using encrypted protocols that cannot be tracked or filtered. With the help of a VPN connection you can bypass the blocking of some sites in the user's country of residence, hide your location and IP-address, clear the history of visits. VPN will protect the user's personal information, even if he will use public Wi-Fi networks.

Touch VPN is easy to use, its interface is not overloaded with details and even a beginner will be able to figure out how to enable or disable the program. During the connection, Touch VPN redirects all traffic to the nearest server, and in the settings of the program you can choose the country that will receive encrypted information.

VPN is suitable for iOS platform version 12.0 and above.

Touch VPN for iOS options and features

  • access to blocked sites;
  • hides location and IP address;
  • access without logins or passwords;
  • protection of information through public networks;
  • Many servers in different countries;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • it is possible to choose a server by oneself;
  • no speed or time limit;
  • SSL-encryption;
  • feedback from the developers of the project.

How to install Touch VPN service for iOS

Use the link on this page and download the installation file, open it and wait for the complete installation of the program. After the application is installed, a shortcut will appear on your desktop, open the service and start working.