Previously, editing PDF files was not possible due to the fact that PDF is, in fact, the text in the picture. However, over time, everything changes, and now software developers have created a product that allows users to edit text files the way they want. This application is called PDFelement. The presented program is liked by users because it provides them with a considerable number of useful functions and opportunities to change PDF content. Download the official version of PDFelement for iOS for free from our website and make sure the application is professional.


The presented software product is intended for installation and use on smartphones and tablets running the iOS operating system.

Main features

The lightweight and intuitive utility is known for its extensive functionality and ease of use. A pleasant interface will please users, and the built-in set of functions will not leave them disappointed. Advantages of the application:

  • Create and edit text documents. You can easily create a PDF file from scratch or upload ready-made documents to the utility for further editing.
  • Many functions. You can edit the contents of the file, the information in it by adding or removing something. You also have the option to change the appearance of the content, that is, the font size, its color, style, format, etc.
  • Combine several text documents into one large one or, on the contrary, divide one file into several.
  • Additional functions are access rights management, adding a signature to a document, password protection, etc.


If you were looking for a professional application for working with PDF content, then you have found it. PDFelement will become your faithful friend when working with text documents in PDF format. Install the free utility on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy high-quality work in the program.