Touch VPN is an application designed to bypass website blocking and mask the true location of the user. It has a simple and straightforward interface. When connected, it connects to the nearest VPN server, which is located in 90 countries. If the user wants to change the country where the server is located, it is easy to do so in the settings of the program. Use the link on this page and download the official free version of Touch VPN service for Windows.

The application does not ask for credit card information, does not force you to use trial periods, and does not require registration.

The program is suitable for installation on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

Touch VPN for Windows features and options

  • access to blocked sites;
  • preserving anonymity on the web;
  • intuitive interface;
  • protection of information from interception;
  • unlimited traffic and time on the Internet;
  • high speed of loading pages.

How to download Touch VPN for Windows

Follow the link on this page and download the download file, then unzip it and start installing the program on your PC. Once the application is installed, open the application.


Despite the fact that Touch VPN is a free service, the developers do not leave their users without support. Through the official website of the company, you can send an email describing the problem. There is also a button in the interface of the application to uninstall it, in case the service gets bored or there are problems that cannot be fixed.