For a modern user, an important component of using devices and the Internet is the ability to download content to a smartphone or tablet. Everyone knows that not always and not everywhere there is access to the Internet. In this case, there is a need to have access to the necessary content offline, for example, to watch movies or run applications that require pre-installation. To download applications and other content from the Internet, developers have created many programs, one of which is BitComet. The presented software product perfectly copes with downloading files from the Internet to the device, and also provides users with a considerable number of useful options. Download the official version of BitComet for Android for free from our website.


The mobile version of the presented application is compatible with smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system version 7.0 and newer.

About the program

This easy-to-use and intuitive application has a considerable number of options, features and advantages, thanks to which it is popular among users of smartphones and tablets:

  • Users can easily download files not only by using torrent links, but also using ordinary direct access links. It is not always on the Internet that the file you need will be distributed in torrent format. It often happens that an ordinary direct link to the content is posted on many sites. Many torrent clients do not know how to work with such links, but BitComet has succeeded here as well. The utility will easily download the information you need and do it as quickly and efficiently as if it were a torrent link.
  • Preview of the downloaded content. Don't wait until your video, movie, or TV series is fully downloaded to your device. BitComet offers its users a convenient opportunity to view content right during its download. Start watching the video within a couple of minutes after the download starts, and the torrent client will calmly download the entire movie, eventually downloading it completely.
  • Increased speed of downloading information from the network to the device. The developers have taken care to optimize the user experience with the application and make it even better and more comfortable. Thus, they increased the speed of downloading files, which made BitComet one of the best torrent clients. Moreover, users can independently set a ceiling for speed in the application settings so that the program does not load traffic too much and does not interfere with the operation and normal functioning of other Internet applications.
  • If there are failures in the operation of the Internet and the download is interrupted, the application is able to restore the download from the stop point when the problem is fixed and access to the Internet will reappear. Also, if you stop the process of downloading a particular file yourself, you can also resume it after a while from the moment of stopping without losing any information.


Among the many torrent clients equipped with a different number of functions and options, it is difficult to find an ideal program that would satisfy all requests and desires. But if you stumble upon BitComet, then consider that you have hit the jackpot. The presented software product not only makes it possible to download torrent files from the Internet to a phone or tablet, it also provides users with a considerable number of other useful options and add-ons to optimize and improve their work with downloads. Download BitComet for free from our website to your smartphone or tablet and independently verify the professionalism of this utility.