Downloading content from the web is an important option for every computer and laptop user. People download games that require pre-installation to start and function; they download movies and TV shows to watch them without Internet access, for example, on the road; users also download the files and documents they need for other equally important purposes. Torrent clients help users optimize the process of downloading content from the Internet, making it faster and better. The network has a considerable number of programs for working with torrent files, one of which is BitComet. The presented software product provides users not only with the ability to easily get information from the Internet to the device, but also many other useful functions that will make working with downloads easier and more enjoyable. Download the official version of BitComet for Mac OS for free from our website.


The presented utility is intended for use on PCs and laptops controlled by the Mac operating system version 10.12 and later.

About the program

The application is light and intuitive. It is equipped with a considerable number of options and has many advantages:

  • Download everything at once. The program provides the possibility of trouble-free downloading of several torrents at once. There is no need to wait until the first document is loaded to upload the second one. Start the process of downloading several files at once, and they will be downloaded simultaneously, which optimizes the work with the application and downloads.
  • Stopping and resuming the download. You can seamlessly stop the process of downloading files at any time, and then resume downloading from where you left off without losing the information you have already downloaded. Also, if there are failures in the functioning of the Internet, the download itself will stop and subsequently resume from the same place, without losing any data.
  • Download documents not only in torrent resolution, but also via direct magnet links. You no longer need to search the entire network for a torrent link for the document you need. With the help of the presented software product, you can easily receive content through direct links.
  • View the content while downloading. Users no longer have to wait for a movie or TV series to be fully downloaded to the device, they can easily start watching videos within a few minutes after the download starts.


There are a considerable number of applications for working with torrent files on the web, and they all provide various options and features. BitComet is a lightweight, fast and intuitive torrent client that will help you work with downloads, optimize it and make it more enjoyable.