Twitter is a popular social network for exchanging messages of various formats using a web interface. The peculiarity of the utility lies in such concepts as "tweet", "retweet", "hashtag". An amazing fact also lies in the fact that this software is used by a large number of companies whose interests are to promote in the market. You can download the official version of Twitter for iOS for free on our page.


  • messaging;
  • push notifications;
  • sending files from the cloud;
  • voice messages;
  • creating shared chats with the number of participants that is necessary for the existence of the workflow.

Features of use

  • the length of the message in chats, alas, cannot exceed 140 characters;
  • the user can send media files, but before that it is necessary to upload data to the network and publish only URL;
  • if you need to create a hashtag, then you need to be prepared for the fact that the message will be visible not only to subscribers, but also to all users.

The popular Twitter messenger will allow you to communicate with users on the Internet, create posts and hashtags, meet new people.