Cleaner Pro - Cleanup is the optimal solution for optimizing and cleaning your iOS device, ensuring smooth operation and efficient storage management. In this article, we will review the supported iOS versions and tell you about the key features of this indispensable app.

Key Features

  1. Cleaning Unwanted Files: Cleaner Pro - Cleanup thoroughly scans your device to identify and remove unwanted files including cache files, temporary files, application leftovers and more. By removing these files, you can free up valuable storage space and improve your device's performance.
  2. Memory maximization: With the memory maximization feature, Cleaner Pro - Cleanup helps free up RAM on your device by terminating background processes and unnecessary tasks. The result is improved multitasking performance and faster application response.
  3. Battery Saver: Extend the battery life of your iOS device with the Cleaner Pro - Cleanup battery saving feature. It identifies and optimizes power-hungry apps and settings, so you can use your device longer without having to constantly recharge it.
  4. Photo Cleanup: Easily identifies and removes duplicate or similar photos to free up storage space and organize your photo library more efficiently. Photo Cleaner Pro - Cleanup intelligently detects duplicate images, making it easy to clean up your photo collection.
  5. App Manager: Take control of your apps with the Cleaner Pro - Cleanup app manager, which lets you view and delete unused or infrequently used apps with just a few taps. This will help you organize the app collection on your device and ensure that only the apps you need are installed.

Supported iOS versions

Cleaner Pro - Cleanup is compatible with a wide range of iOS versions, ensuring compatibility with most Apple devices. From the latest iOS to earlier versions such as iOS 10, Cleaner Pro - Cleanup integrates seamlessly with iPhone and iPad, providing comprehensive optimization and cleaning capabilities across iOS iterations.


Experience the benefits of Cleaner Pro - Cleanup and unlock the full potential of your iOS device today. Download the app from the App Store and enjoy a cleaner, faster and more efficient device.