The basis of software is considered to be file managers for device management. One of such common applications is Sony PC Companion. Guaranteed data security and high speed allowed the program to interest users in the work. You can download Sony PC Companion for free for Windows official version using the links on our page.

The main functions of the program

Sony PC Companion supports many versions of Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista. The application is also suitable for an operating system with a 64,32 bit.

Since the popular program is a utility and has a wide range of features, it is important to say that Sony PC Companion is absolutely free. 

  • The main desire of users is the security and confidentiality of personal data, so the developers have tried to protect files from unauthorized access as much as possible.
  • The application contains backup copies. This function is necessary when copying and saving certain files. 
  • Deleting the cache will greatly facilitate the work of those people who often use the program. After all, not only the memory is cleared, but the device also begins to function better.

Quick installation

In order to easily install the program on your computer, you just need to click on the link to the page. The user will be prompted to read information about the installation file. You can familiarize yourself with the supported devices. At the end, all that remains is to find and click on the built-in "Download" panel. 

In order to avoid a breakdown with the installation, you should first make sure of the free memory of the device.

Using Sony PC Companion

After launching the program, you can update the firmware, but when connecting the phone, the device must be turned on. All that remains is to launch the "Phone or Tablet Software Update". Sony PC Companion will download some files to prepare your computer for a software update. The USB cable should only be connected to the computer. After connecting, the utility will download the necessary firmware and upload it to the phone. Then, if desired, you can transfer, move, copy and delete files. For the convenience of users, built-in hints were invented, because not everyone is familiar with the correct use of the program. You can also enable notifications and configure auto-updates.


So, thus, Sony PC Company's free utility is a good choice for device management.