Speedify is a dynamic solution for Mac users that enhances their Internet experience with a set of innovative features. Let's understand the features of Speedify for Mac OS, explore its supported versions and distinctive functions.

Key features for macOS

  1. Excellent Link Bonding: Speedify uses advanced link bonding technology, combining multiple internet connections, whether Wi-Fi, Ethernet or cellular, into one reliable connection. This not only increases internet speeds, but also provides a reliable and stable connection for a seamless online experience.
  2. Failover protection: Given the unpredictable nature of Internet connections, Speedify includes failover protection. If one of your connections goes down, the tool seamlessly switches to the active connection, ensuring a smooth Internet experience, whether streaming, gaming or virtual meetings.
  3. Integrated VPN capabilities: Going beyond just speed boosting, Speedify includes VPN features. It encrypts Internet traffic, adding a layer of security needed to protect sensitive information, especially when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.
  4. Advanced encryption standards: Security is paramount, and Speedify addresses it with advanced encryption protocols. This ensures that your online activities and data remain private and secure in an era where digital privacy is non-negotiable.
  5. Optimized for streaming and gaming: For Mac users who love to watch streaming content or play online games, Speedify is designed to integrate seamlessly across platforms. It optimizes connections to provide a smoother and more enjoyable streaming content and gaming experience.

Mac OS version support

Speedify is built with you in mind and provides support for various versions of Mac OS. Whether you're running macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave or newer versions, Speedify ensures that your Mac's connectivity is optimized for speed, stability and security.


For Mac enthusiasts looking for an effective tool to improve their Internet connection, Speedify is a one-stop shop. With its channel aggregation, outage protection, VPN integration, and streaming optimization capabilities, Speedify turns your Mac into a powerhouse for a seamless Internet experience. Say goodbye to buffering and connectivity issues with Speedify on your Mac OS device.