AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition for Mac OS is a special drivers release that delivers enhanced support for Apple's latest operating system. This release also includes new features and performance improvements.

If you're a Mac user with an AMD graphics card, then you need to download the Adrenalin Edition drivers. This latest version delivers support for Apple's latest macOS operating system, as well as a range of new features and performance improvements.

With the Adrenalin Edition drivers, you'll be able to take advantage of enhanced support for AMD FreeSync™ technology. This technology allows your monitor and graphics card to work together to deliver a smoother gaming experience. The drivers also include a new feature called Radeon™ Overlay. This feature gives you on-screen control over your graphics settings, making it easy to make real-time adjustments while you're gaming.

So if you're looking for enhanced support for macOS Mojave and improved gaming performance, be sure to download the latest AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition drivers.