T-Rex is a universal platform for selling and buying cryptocurrencies that supports NVIDIA GPU with a page where web resources are monitored. Mainer developers offer their users a lot of algorithms and try to make it even better by increasing its speed and providing user-friendly interface. To install the free official version of the T-Rex application for Windows, you need to go to our website and select the appropriate link with the OS version.

The program works on Windows XP, Vista, 11, 10, 8, 7 with 32/64 bit.

Options and Features

  • Configuration file - helps users use files as starting points when creating their own configuration.
  • Watchdog timer - helps the user monitor the state of the program and restart it automatically.
  • HTTP API - getting access to personal mainer through external and internal network interfaces of T-Rex.
  • Anti-virus warning - protects the mainer from virus attacks with further encryption of the source machine code.

Download T-Rex for Windows

Before you start using the application on your PC, you need to select the zip named boot file and follow these steps:

  • Download the software using the link provided on our website;
  • Then set up a binary (script file) and save the bat extension;
  • Run the saved or prepared Mainer T-Rex file.

That is all, the program is ready to use.


The T-Rex platform for Windows is a great option for mining. Because when buying the software, the user, will be able to fully try himself as a seller and a buyer, on which he will earn good money. The program offers several cryptocurrencies, so each user will be able to choose the right one for him.