Outbyte PC Repair is a software for cleaning and improving the performance of a computer or laptop. The program scans the device for system problems or failures, and then fixes them quickly and imperceptibly, while also informing the user about it. The application ensures the security of personal data and also has several additional very impressive features and capabilities. You can download the official version of Outbyte PC Repair for Windows for free from our website.


You can download and install the utility on a computer or laptop running Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 operating system.

Features of the Outbyte PC Repair program

  • Full-fledged scanning of the computer system and providing the user with detailed information about all the insides of his device. The report data includes such indicators as an overview of device performance, disk write and read speed, information about processor speed, amount of available RAM, etc.
  • The utility will easily find and fix all the system failures or problems. The program will notify the user about the presence of problems with his device and ways to solve them. The application also removes system garbage, while still giving the user full control over his device.
  • This cleaner removes residual boot files and cache files from all available browsers. The application also finds lost or hidden files and gets rid of them at your request.
  • The utility protects your personal data from malware, viruses and scammers on the Internet. With the help of special encryption, the application is able to monitor the protection of your personal information while working easily and simply at a computer and on the Internet. For the same purpose, Outbyte PC Repair erases all cookies and shows users warnings if some website on the Internet is suspicious or dangerous.
  • Clearing RAM and improving performance in real time. The utility analyzes the importance of all processes running in the system and prioritizes their work.
  • Additional function of irrevocable deletion of files from the computer and from the trash. Thus, after deleting these files, no programmer will be able to restore them.


If you want to improve the performance of your device, make it work faster and better, then Outbyte PC Repair will help you with this. With the help of various functions and tools, the program will be able to optimize and improve the functioning of your device.