LTspice is a program that will help design switching regulators and electrical circuits, and test versions virtually on a PC. Using this application will help professionals in engineering and students to improve their skills in working with circuits. Use the link on this page to download the official free version of LTspice for Windows.

The utility adds components such as resistors, coils, diodes, etc. to circuits, and you can add geometric shapes to a circuit. LTspice will allow you to configure each component separately. Thus, by changing the components, sequence and parameters, you can find the best solution for optimum connection.

LTspice will generate a report on the performance of the equipment after testing. Virtual testing helps to choose the best solution for building circuits and thus avoid unnecessary costs.

The utility works on Windows 7, 8, 10 11, Vista, XP platform, system bit 64, 32 bit.

Features of the program

  • built-in universal environment for designing and creating circuits;
  • bhanging components and their characteristics;
  • small volume of the program and high speed simulation;
  • extensive library of elements and circuits;
  • ability to create your own models;
  • ready sample circuits and instructions for use;
  • Russifier created by users;
  • permanent updating of the program;
  • conducts amplitude-frequency, spectral, harmonic analysis, etc.

How to download LTspice for Windows

To download LTspice on your PC, download the file found at the link on this page, then open it, wait for the application to install and start working.