Android Studio is an example of common utilities for creating applications in an integrated environment using a special set of functions. The program supports an operating system with a bit depth of 64,32 bit. You can download Android Studio for free for Windows official version by clicking on the links that are on our page.


The software has advanced settings and templates, various generation of universal codes, a layout editor. The personal data stored on the device will be protected, as Android Studio ensures the security and confidentiality of the proposed content. After the first launch, the application will tell you about the usage using short dialog boxes.

How to install the program

Fast installation is guaranteed if you follow the link to the page intended for installation. In order to make sure that the program is necessary, you should study the characteristics, that is, the functions. All that remains is to find the built-in "Download" panel, click, run the installation file and click on the "Finish" button.

How the project works

The project contains two root folders: app and Gradle Scripts. The first one contains three more folders that contain configurations, software source codes. The second contains a set of data for building the project. The file editor allows you to correct codes using visualization. To do this, a special xml file editing tool is built into the program.


Android Studio is a utility for creating software in the Android system.