CleanMyMac is a universal multifunctional application for working with your computer or laptop. The utility not only cleans the device from all kinds of garbage, but also offers the user competent computer maintenance, including protection, improving the quality of work, speeding up the functioning of system processes, etc. Download the official version of CleanMyMac for Mac OS for free using the links from our website.


The presented cleaner works on computers and laptops running the Mac OS operating system version 10.12 and higher.

Features of the CleanMyMac program for Mac OS

  • Cleaning iTunes and Photos. The application scans the system and finds unnecessary files that take up space on the device and that can be deleted without negative consequences. This way you can delete the cache, corrupted files, outdated updates, etc. Using the program in this case is necessary, since self-cleaning of all this garbage can take long hours.
  • Deleting temporary and outdated files and documents. While working in some types of software, they create intermediate files to save progress. Of course, no one subsequently deletes them. The utility scans the device's disk, all its folders and finds similar documents for their subsequent disposal.
  • Clearing Mail. CleanMyMac helps the user to get rid of the garbage that remains after using the mail application. All sent and received media files are stored in the device's memory and clutter it. Remove them to optimize its operation.
  • Deep scanning and cleaning of computer memory. The app finds garbage even in the most secret corners of your Mac. You do not need to search for all unnecessary content yourself, because the utility will easily do it on its own. Moreover, it also quickly removes all the garbage from the device.
  • Smart Scan will help you to perform a quick cleaning of the device in an instant for instant optimization of its operation. The function will find all malware, residual files, etc. and delete them, correcting the operation of the computer.
  • CleanMyMac works at lightning speed, without forcing the user to wait for several hours. This version of the application functions faster than all the previous ones, which pleases Mac owners.
  • The utility finds and structures all files, sorting them by size or last time of use. This way you can immediately see what is taking up the most space on your computer and delete these documents.
  • Cleaning all trash bins. This cleaner is able to delete data from the recycle bins of all applications on the Mac. Thus, in two clicks you will be able to get rid of garbage from all applications on the device.
  • Irrevocable deletion of confidential information. The program will help you get rid of important documents once and for all, which should be permanently deleted. No programmer will be able to restore them after using this tool.
  • Clearing RAM and improving computer optimization. The application offers users some tools to improve the performance of the device, as well as scenarios for its maintenance, the ability to manage login objects, etc.
  • Professional and reliable protection of your Mac. The program constantly monitors the system for the presence or appearance of viruses, fraudulent or malware in it. The utility is also capable of performing deep scanning and finding applications or documents with suspicious activity. CleanMyMac warns the user about such violations and offers options for their correction.


CleanMyMac is suitable for those who care about the welfare of their computer or laptop. The program protects your Mac, keeps it clean, improves the performance of the device.