Minecraft is a unique pixel game in which the character mines resources, builds structures, trades with non-player characters, fights monsters, travels to parallel worlds and much more. The game has many locations, features and modes. Follow the link on this page to install Minecraft for Windows official version free.

The game has three main modes: survival, hardcore, creativity. In the first mode, the character explores the world, mines items, fights unfriendly creatures. The character has health points, experience and satiety, but many resources cannot be mined because of the lack of necessary tools. In hardcore mode, the character has only one life, if the game is online, then after the death of the player remains in the game, but only as an observer, without the ability to perform any actions. In creative mode, the character can extract resources and build structures, interact with non-player characters, grow plants, breed animals, create items.

The player can set the difficulty mode when passing the game. For example, "peaceful" difficulty will save the character from having to fight with evil monsters.

Tools that characters use

  • pickaxe helps to mine minerals;
  • an axe is used for chopping trees;
  • sword is needed for battles with monsters;
  • a shovel to help dig up dirt;
  • a furnace is used to melt gold;
  • a chest allows you to free up your character's inventory.

The game is suitable for installation on Windows 10, 11. Size 32 and 64-bit.

Options and characteristics of Minecraft for Windows

  • pixelated game;
  • develops creativity and imagination;
  • sand game;
  • several game modes;
  • you can play on the network.

How to install the game Minecraft

To install the game on the Windows platform, download the file that can be found on this page. Then open it and wait for the program to be fully installed. Once the game is installed on your PC, a shortcut will appear on your desktop. Open the game and dive into the wonderful world of Minecraft.