Atom is a text editing tool designed for the work of professional programmers and web developers. The editor supports a large number of languages, as well as twenty highlighting options, which users like. Multipanel function, provides work with several documents in one window. This saves a lot of time. The software supports a variety of devices, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP. You can download Atom for free for Windows official version using the links on our page.

Main features of the application

Goto Anything - a function that provides quick navigation through the proposed resources.

  • Command Palette – quick search;
  • Split Editing – option to edit multiple documents in one dialog box;
  • Customize Anything – a method of adjustment, equipped with high speed and performance, the entered commands;
  • the program has a package manager. A setting that allows you to install, update, and uninstall packages without rebooting the program will significantly save time working with documents. 
  • the manager supports installation files in the current version.


To install the program on your computer for free, you need to follow the link to the page intended for installation. Learn about supported devices. Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the functions. Find the built-in Download panel and click.

Instructions for use

  1. after starting the software, you first need to uncheck the "Open empty editor On Start" item so that when you run the program again, the last used files are opened;
  2. the software has a wide range of plugin features that will need to be installed;
  3. Control panel – "Settings". The section contains the main necessary plugins for correct work with source codes.
  4. Linter is a feature that can also be found in the settings. The plugin automatically detects errors in the code and offers fixes.


Thus, it turned out that Atom is a popular program for solving problems related to programming and editing documents. The APL set will greatly simplify the work, allow you to carry out operations related to the choice of content format, and provide resources for managing files.