Taking screenshots is a popular activity these days. It is an opportunity to save the necessary information for personal use, or to share with friends and colleagues on work processes. Linghtshot creates a screenshot in seconds, you can save it as a link or an image, you can send it to print or send it to your friends via social networks. Use the link on this page to download the free, official version of Linghtshot for Mac OS.

To create a screenshot on your screen, just click on the PrntScr hot button, and then a tool will appear that you can use to select an area on your desktop. Then, a panel will appear at the bottom of the created screenshot, with which the user can perform small actions, such as highlighting or selecting an area, sending it to print.

Lingtshot is suitable for the Mac OS platform version 10.7 and above.

Options and features

  • search for similar images on the Internet;
  • saving pictures in three extensions;
  • create screenshots of any size;
  • adding graphic elements;
  • highlighting of the necessary fragments by color or underlining;
  • coloring of elements in different colors;
  • adding text.

How to download Lightshot for Mac OS

To install the Linghtshot player on your smartphone, download the download file on this page. Unzip it and install the program. After these steps, open the program and take the first screenshot.


Screenshots can be saved not only in different ways, but also in different formats. Users can choose from JPG, BMP, and PNG formats.