Arc Search, an all-in-one browser known for its smooth operation, is extending its reach to Mac OS, promising an unrivalled browsing experience. In this article, we will take a look at the specific Mac OS versions supported by Arc Browser and talk about its distinctive features that make it the preferred choice for Mac users.

Mac OS compatibility

Arc Search works smoothly and reliably across Mac OS versions to meet the needs of a wide variety of Mac users. Supported Mac OS versions include the following:

  • macOS Sonoma
  • macOS Ventura
  • macOS Monterey
  • macOS Big Sur
  • macOS Catalina
  • macOS Mojave
  • macOS High Sierra

(Any subsequent versions of Windows released at the time of publication)

Key features for Mac OS

  1. Sleek and intuitive design: Arc Search brings its signature sleek and intuitive design to the Mac, offering users a visually pleasing interface for a delightful browsing experience.
  2. Comfortable tab management: Mac users can easily organise their workflow with Arc Browser's efficient tab management system for increased productivity and convenience.
  3. Advanced privacy features: Arc Browser for Mac OS integrates advanced privacy features, including a secure private browsing mode and customisable security settings.
  4. Fast Search and Navigation: Save time and simplify your Internet searches with Arc Search's quick search and navigation features, allowing Mac users to find information easily.
  5. Customisable Themes and Options: Customisable Themes and Options allow Mac users to personalise Arc Search to suit their preferences.


For Mac users looking for a browser that combines aesthetics and functionality, Arc Search is one of the best options. Raise your browsing standards on Mac devices with dynamic features.