MindMeister is a program for creating mental maps in which the user prescribes the order of execution of actions. The mental maps are lined up in the order in which the process goes, you can insert a file, a link, a quote or prescribe wishes into the map. Link nodes can be created between maps and explanatory notes can be added. Objects can easily be moved or swapped. Use the link on this page and download the official version of MindMeister for Android free.

The app is suitable when creating projects in the development phase, planning tasks, creating presentations or lendings. In the center of the screen you create an idea or the essence of the project, using the icon with the + sign you add a new branch, in which you make additions or the next step of the project.

MindMeister is suitable for download on the Android platform, version 5.0 and above.

Options and features of MindMeister for Android

  • creating and editing mind maps;
  • up to three maps in the free version;
  • synchronization with an online account;
  • creating links between nodes;
  • exchanging maps between members of the same project;
  • adding files, pictures, links;
  • suitable for personal and corporate use;
  • there are paid versions with advanced features.

How to install MindMeister on Android

Download the installation file on this page, then unzip it and follow the instructions to install the application, after the installation is complete, a service shortcut will appear on your device's desktop screen. Open the program and start working with mind maps.


The basic version of MindMeister is distributed for free during the trial period. During this time, the user can test the program for personal purposes or develop a small project with colleagues.