InShot is a high-quality photo and video editing application. In this program, you can not only change ready-made photos and videos, but also create collages and your own videos from several elements. Multimedia editors are becoming more and more popular every day. Almost every user who has social networks where he can upload his content has some kind of editor on his device. But why use low-quality programs when there is an InShot? The utility will delight you with its impeccable work, a large set of filters and effects, and a variety of professional tools for changing photos and videos. Download the official version of the InShot utility for Android for free using the links on our website.


You can download this utility and install it on a smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system version 5.0 and higher.

Video editing capabilities

  • The application has features such as cropping the video, splitting it into parts and deleting some of them. You can also merge multiple videos into one by adding creative transitions between them. Adjust the volume of the video, turn off the sound and create a slideshow.
  • Users can increase or decrease the speed of video recording. This effect can be applied both to the entire length of the video clip and to individual time intervals. A smooth curve will allow you to adjust the transition between a video fragment with a modified speed and the original in more quality and detail.
  • Using the keyframe option, you can add pictures, stickers or emojis to certain segments of the video. New elements will appear at the minute where you added them.
  • Overlay one video on another and change its transparency. This option will help you create creative videos that will attract the attention of other users. In addition to the video, you can also overlay photos on top of the video.
  • Removing unnecessary color using the chromakey function. Despite the fact that this option is more suitable for professional users, beginners can also master this method of processing.

Photo Editor

The program has a rich gallery of filters and effects to apply to photos and videos. You can not only apply effects to media files, but also change them, change the overlay method, etc. In addition to filters on the photo, you can also add stickers and emojis, which you can find in the built-in library of the program.

Text and audio

  • Working with text. Superimpose text on your images and edit it the way you want, using different fonts, shadows and other options. You can also make the text animated.
  • Add music or ringtones to your videos and photos. You can use the built-in audio library or add your songs to the program by downloading them from your device. Music can also be edited: crop, speed up, slow down, etc.


InShot will help you create high-quality and attractive content for your social networks by changing your media content. Create atmospheric videos, aesthetic photos, collages and much more in the free InShot app.