Ctrl + V
Paste from clipboard
Ctrl + X
Cut out of the selected cells contents
Ctrl + C
Copy selected cells
Ctrl + Alt + V
Special insert
Ctrl + Shift + :
Insert the current time
Ctrl + ;
Insert the current date
Ctrl + Shift + пробел
Select the whole sheet (or all objects of the sheet)
Ctrl + пробел
Select the sheet column
Shift + пробел
Select sheet row
Ctrl + Shift + O
Select all cells that contain comments
Ctrl + Shift + *
Select the current area around the active cell
Shift + стрелки
Expand the selected area by one cell
Ctrl + Shift + Home
Expand the selected range of cells to the beginning of the sheet
Ctrl + Shift + End
Expand the selected range of cells to the last cell of the sheet
Ctrl + B
Highlight the text in bold
Ctrl + I
Apply italics to the text
Ctrl + U
Underline the text
Ctrl + Shift + +
Display the Add Cells dialog box for inserting empty cells
Ctrl + -
Display the Delete Cells dialog box to delete the selected cells
Ctrl + Shift + F
Displays the Format Cells dialog box with the Font tab selected
Ctrl + K
Display the Insert hyperlink dialog box for new hyperlinks or Change hyperlink for an existing selected hyperlink
The TRANSFER dialog box
Ctrl + Tab / Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Go to the next/previous tab of the dialog box
Ctrl + F5
Restore the size of the selected book window
Shift + F11
Insert a new sheet into the book
Ctrl + Shift+PgUp / Ctrl + Shift + PgDn
Select the current and next/previous sheets of the book
Shift + F9
Calculate the active sheet
Calculate all sheets of all open books
Ctrl + Alt + F9
Calculate all sheets of all open books, regardless of whether they have been changed since the last calculation
Ctrl + Shift + F1
Add a new sheet to the book
Ctrl + W
Close the window of the selected book
Ctrl + F4
Close the window of the selected book
Ctrl + F7
Move the book window (not expanded)
Ctrl + F10
Expand/restore the original size of the selected book window
Ctrl + F9
Collapse the book window into an icon
Ctrl + N
Create a new blank book
Navigation and transitions
Ctrl + PgUp / Ctrl + PgDn
Skip to previous/next book page
Tab / Shift + Tab
Move one cell to the right/left
PgUp / PgDn
Go to the screen up/down on the sheet
Alt + PgUp / Alt + PgDn
Go to the left/right screen on the sheet
Home / End
Jump to the beginning/end of the line
Ctrl + End
Go to the last cell on the sheet, located on the lowest used row of the rightmost used column
Ctrl + Home
Jump to the cell at the beginning of the sheet
Ctrl + стрелки
Go to the border of the current sheet data area
Search and replace
Ctrl + H
Displays the Find and Replace dialog box with the Replace tab selected
Ctrl + F
Displays the Find and Replace dialog box with the Find tab selected
On/off tooltips
Alt + F8
Alt + F11
Open the Microsoft Visual Basic editor
Switching between panels and ribbon areas
Spell check
Alt + F1
Creates a diagram based on the data from the current area
Create a diagram in the current range
On/off selection mode
Ctrl + Shift + &
Insert external borders in the selected cells
Alt + Enter
Inserting a line feed character when editing a cell content
Ctrl + A
Highlight the entire sheet
Alt + Shift + →
Grouping rows and columns
Shift + F8
Add non-adjacent cells or range to the selection
Shift + F2
Add/modify a comment to a cell
Ctrl + 5
Strike out the text or delete the strikethrough
Ctrl + D
Uses the Fill Down command to copy the contents and format the top cell of the selected area to all the bottom cells
Ctrl + R
Uses the Fill Right command to copy the contents and format the left-most cell of the selected area to all cells to the right
Shift + F10
Context menu for the selected item
Ctrl + Z
Cancel the last command or entry
Ctrl + 1
Display the Format Cells dialog box
Ctrl + Shift + )
Display hidden columns in the selected fragment
Ctrl + Shift + (
Display hidden lines in the selected fragment
Switching to edit the contents of the active cell
Ctrl + Y
Repeat the last command
Repeat the last command or action
Ctrl + Shift + $
Apply the monetary format with 2 decimal places
Ctrl + 3
Apply or remove italics
Ctrl + 4
Apply or remove the underscore
Ctrl + 2
Apply or remove boldface
Ctrl + Shift + ~
Apply a common numeric format
Ctrl + Shift + %
Apply the percentage format without fractional parts
Ctrl + Shift + @
Apply the time format with hours and minutes and AM or PM indices
Ctrl + Shift + #
Apply date format with day, month and year
Ctrl + U
Apply/remove underscore
Ctrl + T
Creating a table
Ctrl + O
Open a document
Ctrl + P
Ctrl + F2
Save As
Ctrl + S
Save file
Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Entering an array formula into a range of cells
Inserting a name
Shift + F3
Inserting a function
Starting to enter a formula
Ctrl + `
Toggle between displaying cell values and formulas in the worksheet
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F9
Check dependent formulas and recalculate cells in all open books, including cells not marked for calculation
Ctrl + Shift + U
Expand/collapse formula string
Ctrl + '
Copy the formula of the top cell to the current cell or formula string
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