You can download Skype for iOS official version for free on this page. iOS, is the operating system for iPhone 4 and above, iPad and iPod. The Skype program allows iOS users to make free calls around the world.

To download Skype you will need:

  • iOS 5 or higher operating system;
  • all devices that support H.264 format;
  • for iPhone below 4 model will suit Skype v4.17.

How to download Skype for iOS

Download the program from this page, install it on your iOs. Click on the file labeled Skype and the download will start automatically. Once the installation is complete, enter your Microsoft account username and password. Next, you need to select an avatar. Skip this step, fill it in later. Then you will see only your initials in the window. Check the status of your microphone, headphones and webcam. Set up your profile. The prompts will be shown on the Skype screen.

Call and talk right now from anywhere in the world!