Lifesum for Android is a diary-like app that displays your nutrition, health, calorie count and more. With these features, you can not only lose or gain weight, but also learn how to eat right. And Lifesum will help you achieve your goals. The main thing is to follow all the proposed rules of the program, then the result will not make itself long to wait. Therefore, our website offers, download the free official version of Lifesum for Android, which you can install on your mobile device.

Lifesum is designed for smartphones running Android version 6.0 and newer.

Available features

  • choice of diet, with further tracking of calorie, protein, fat and carbohydrate intake;
  • handy barcode scanner;
  • view ratings of foods and meals that can be eaten to benefit from the diet;
  • automatic scoring by day, which will show all the goals and how healthy and healthy the food you ate was;
  • free control of your size;
  • determination of habits through special trackers that extend to water and food;
  • free use of selected foods;
  • Import already existing data from another app.

Download Lifesum for Android

In order for the Lifesum app to appear on your mobile device, you must visit our website, select the link on Google Play and install. An icon will appear on your smartphone screen. After installation is complete, the icon will be highlighted, so you can click and use it. The main thing is to follow the prompts and everything will succeed.


Lifesum is a free meal planner and simple recipes for overall health. With Lifesum, the user will be able to easily accomplish tasks and goals that could never be achieved.