Proton VPN for iOS - the program is a multiplatform VPN service that provides protection for user data when visiting the Internet. Proton VPN differs from other VPN services in that it has open source code, and the application itself is absolutely simple and transparent, and therefore completely safe for users. The program has a network of servers that are scattered around the world. The user chooses any country and then connects to the server. There are no problems when connecting, as everything is very simple and straightforward. No matter what server is chosen, the connection speed will remain stable and high. Moreover, the server has no effect on the amount of traffic transmitted. In order to download the official version of Proton VPN for iOS free and start using it, you need to go to our website and start on the file that corresponds to the OS version.

Proton VPN is compatible with the device that runs iOS version 11.0 and above. The installation is done directly through Open VPN.

Features and characteristics of the program

  • for all users, the program is presented with no-limit use;
  • with privacy, there is an automatic encryption of traffic;
  • there is no record of user activity at all;
  • all web-resources will be open;
  • prevention of leakage of personal information, including that which may be in the cloud;
  • high-speed connection;
  • Bit Torrent support.

Download Proton VPN for iOS

To install Proton VPN software on your iOS mobile device, you can go to our website and select the file to download. When the installation file appears in your mobile device downloads, click on it again and you will see the program icon on the screen. Wait for the full installation, enter the application and use it. Just don't forget to create an account if you don't have one yet.


Proton VPN for iOS gives users secure and unlimited access to the Internet. With the application you will be able to navigate to any pages, watch videos on your device.