All items of our everyday life experience such a process as depreciation, this also applies to personal computers and laptops. Over time, it accumulates information "garbage", such as pieces of installed or deleted programs, cookies, caches and more. This slows down the performance of your devices. To clean your PC or tablet, use Cloud System Booster for Windows. Follow the link on this page and download the free official version of Cloud System.

The application is synchronized with Windows platform version XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11. Size 32 and 64-bit.

Cloud System Booster options and features

  • analyze and clean PC from old and unnecessary files;
  • disable features and functions of Windows system that are not used;
  • optimizes and boosts performance of items installed on your PC;
  • fixes PC errors;
  • restores privacy settings;
  • registry and history cleanup;
  • boosts the performance of devices in games and programs.

Cloud System Booster is a program that uses a cloud base to collect data. The cloud receives information from all users, which allows you to analyze and make improvements to the application. The program has a feature - Chameleon, which helps to change the Cloud System Booster wallpaper as desired by the user.

How to download Cloud System Booster for Windows

Follow the link on this page and click on the Download button. Wait until the download is finished and open the installed file in the Downloads folder. Once the program is completely installed, open and start working.


Cloud System Booster was developed as an extra help for all Windows users. The application will make your time on the web more comfortable, and increase your PC's performance and speed in one click a day.