Tux Commander is a simple, graphical two-panel file manager with many features supported on a Linux-based device. The application has a traditional graphical interface, which was made in the style of the 80's early 90's for DOS and a lot of other settings. Download the free official version of Tux Commander for Linux from our website by selecting the file to install on your device.

The developer created Tux Commander specifically for a Linux-based device.

Features and characteristics of Tuxcmd

It has all the features you need for a good quality file manager:

  • copying;
  • moving;
  • delete files and directories;
  • renaming;
  • creating directories;
  • viewing file size;
  • access rights from the author;
  • password protection of archives;
  • checking the integrity/testing of the archive files;
  • creating directories with a given level of compression;
  • creating and checking the checksum of files.

All these features, will be available to the user after the plugins and extensions are fully configured.

Download Tux Commander for Linux

To fully use the Tuxcmd application, each user can:

  1. select a file;
  2. download it to his/her device;
  3. carry out everything like the installation assistant suggests;
  4. open the application and start using it.


Tux Commander is a program that helps to simplify the work with various files through functionality and modules.