Viber is a free messenger that allows you to communicate with friends and family from a distance. Supports full synchronization with devices that have your account. The developers of Viber have made sure that the application is accessible to everyone. You can download Viber for free from the official version using the link on our page.

What is so good about free Viber

The computer version is no different from the phone version, which is a significant advantage of the system.

  • Audio calls and SMS messages.
  • Video calls.
  • Conferences for a group of people.
  • File messaging.
  • Sending geolocation.
  • Selection of stickers, emojis, stickers.
  • Creation of shared chats with the number of participants that is necessary for the existence of the workflow.
  • Economical resource consumption: does not overload the processor and consumes a small amount of memory.

Viber on MAC is the application that many owners of Apple gadgets download. The program interface is translated into Russian, which simplifies the study of the system inside for a new user.

Downloading and uploading

  1. Click on the link to download the application if you do not want to download through the main account or you simply do not have it. Then confirm the download and go to the appropriate folder on your computer. Or log in to your Apple Store account and type "Viber" in the search bar.
  2. In the results that appear, find the necessary one and click the "Download" button.
  3. The download will start automatically and will take no more than 30 seconds.


  1. After the Viber download is completed on the Apple gadget, install it. To do this, double-click on the icon of the "Viber. dmg" file and move it to the "Application" folder.
  2. In the MacBook, open the Application folder and tap Viber twice.
  3. An auxiliary window will pop up with a question: "Do you have Viber on your phone?", click "yes".
  4. Next, in the mobile application, enter the mobile number in this format: first select the country, then dial the phone number and wait for the QR code to open. After that, use the scanner on your phone to scan the code on the computer screen, and access to the messenger will be opened.

After completing the download and installation steps, viber will start from its home page. The interface will be the same as in the mobile app. All contacts from your phone book will be transferred to the computer version, but the correspondence will be reflected from the day you installed the program. When using multiple devices at the same time, the phone will remain the main one, because initially Viber is an application for the phone. Account management takes place from a smartphone, that is, if you want to disable synchronization, the first thing you do is go to the mobile application. The MacBook does not need to additionally connect a camera, headphones or speakers, because this function comes in the basic configuration.