PhpStorm is an integrated development environment that users need to work with professional PHP projects. The utility supports many programming languages, and also has built-in functionality for editing and highlighting code. Simple use and technical assistance make working with the utility comfortable and user-friendly. With the help of the software, you can easily edit the source codes and perform refactoring. You can download PhpStorm for free for Mac OS official version using the links that are on our page.

The main functions of this utility

The application supports:

  • visual debugging;
  • support for SASS & LESS, CoffeeScript and PHP;
  • built-in Code coverage for PHPUnit
  • using the built-in Drupal-style;
  • language support for types.

The utility supports such modern programming languages as PHP, HTML and JavaScrip.

More than 12 refactoring tools have been added to PhpStorm, which users will not be able to find in any similar development environment. This is the uniqueness of the software. Macros can be found on the top settings panel. Highlighting and indentation will be located in the "Tools" tab.

Downloading of PhpStorm

To install the software, you need to select the appropriate link on our website according to the operating system installed on the device. After installation, the utility icon will appear on the device screen. It remains only to double-click on it and start using it.

Some features of the development environment

In order to expand the program's capabilities, you need to use plugins:

  1. go to the "Settings" tab;
  2. in the left part of the panel, click "Install";
  3. to search for plugins by name.

In order to optimize the source code of the program, you need to use the refactoring. It can be carried out both manually and automatically using the settings. The user will be able to add variables, enter values, find occurrences of values and replace them if necessary.

The "Search and Replace" tools will help correct typos or mistakes in time. The dialog box will warn the user in this case. The wrong code will be changed.


PhpStorm is a popular project development environment in PHP and other programming languages. The utility will help to create and edit codes, as well as refactor and install plugins.