IntelliJ IDEA is a development environment that helps programmers create and test new projects. In the program, many routine functions happen automatically, which saves a lot of time for writing code. Built-in debugging tools help you quickly track down the source of errors. Follow the link on this page to download the official version of IntelliJ IDEA for Mac OS free.

The IntelliJ IDEA application is packed with features that maximize development productivity. And if you install third-party plug-ins, the possibilities of IntelliJ IDEA are endless.

You will need Mac OS version 10.14 or later to install IntelliJ IDEA

Options and features of IntelliJ IDEA for Mac OS

  • suitable for most programming languages
  • third-party plug-ins enhance the environment's features;
  • tooltips;
  • hotkeys;
  • search in the editor window;
  • built-in debugger;
  • two downloadable versions of the environment.

How to download IntelliJ IDEA for Mac OS

To download IntelliJ IDEA on Mac OS, follow the link, open the installation file, and wait for the program to install on your device. Once the program shortcut appears on your desktop, you can open it and start working.


IntelliJ IDEA is a IDE that works with most programming languages. A popular feature of the application is intelligent code completion, where the program suggests methods, fields, or keywords automatically. It supports working with Java, Groovy, XSL, html, Python, and many other languages.