PhpStorm is a professional and intelligent PHP project development environment supporting 12 refactoring tools. The user can extend the functionality of the development environment by installing plugins developed on the IntelliJ platform. Simple use and technical assistance make working with the utility comfortable and user-friendly. You can download PhpStorm for free for Linux official version using the links on our page.

Main features

  • the user can automate using macros;
  • support Vagrant, Composer;
  • REST client Command Line Tools;
  • PHP Code Sniffer that checks the code;
  • Smarty template editing support;
  • visual debugger for PHP applications;
  • validating the debugger configuration;
  • PHPUnit with code coverage;
  • saving fragments of frequently used code is implemented using snippets.
  • the general search panel.

Installing of the program

To successfully download to a computer or laptop, you should perform a simple algorithm, because you only need:

  1. follow the link;
  2. read about the functions and features;
  3. find the "Download" button;
  4. double-click on the installation file;
  5. to establish;
  6. it is done!

Navigation in the development environment PhpStorm

The user can perform an instant data search for the entire project in one click. To find any line containing the code, you need to press "Ctrl+Shift+F". In the dialog box that pops up on the monitor screen, you need to enter the desired line. The IDE will find the occurrences of the string in the project.

Grep is an IDE analog. In the search results, it classifies the occurrences of the string and indicates the location where the data to be found is located.

The user can use both IDEA and Grep for free.

Pay attention! It is not always convenient to search for one line. Often users need to find some class or function. To search for any data, you need to click on "Shift*2". A pop-up window will quickly find the data in the entire project. 

The GUI arrow can be used by clicking on the marker that is added next to the edited line. The menu of the built-in PhpStorm change control system will appear, in which you can quickly navigate through the edited areas.


So, having dealt with the functionality of the application, we can conclude that:

PhpStorm is a useful software for creating and editing projects in PHP.