IntelliJ IDEA is a software development environment that supports many programming languages. Use the link on this page to download the free official version of IntelliJ IDEA for Linux.

The program analyzes code and relationships between characters in files, then uses the collected information to better code, fast navigation, error detection, and refactoring. IntelliJ IDEA has a built-in code autocompletion system, this is when the editor analyzes frequently used commands and moves them to the top of the options list.

You will need the Linux platform to install the IntelliJ IDEA.

Options and features of IntelliJ IDEA for Linux

  • the application detects and highlights those commands that are duplicated;
  • tooltips and help material;
  • quick search for all commands or descriptions in the editor window;
  • built-in debugger to view the values of variables in the source code;
  • hotkeys for quick execution of commands;
  • byte-code viewer and built-in FTP-client;
  • built-in decompiler for Java classes;
  • expanded functionality due to plugins;
  • support for major programming languages;
  • GUI development;
  • tools for working with SQL databases.

How to install IntelliJ IDEA for Linux

To install IntelliJ IDEA, follow the link on this page and download the installation file, unzip it and follow the instructions that appear in the installation window. After the application is completely downloaded, a shortcut to it will appear on your desktop. Open IntelliJ IDEA and get started.